Posted by Urban Hardware on 4th Jun 2024

Selecting The Right Screws for Table Legs

With so many fasteners available on the market for your furniture, it can be difficult to select the proper screws for table legs. In this guide, we will break down the various table leg screws to assist you in making a purchase. This will help your favourite furniture look great and last for many years.

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Wood Screws: One of the most common kinds of screws that you will need for your tabletop and leg connection would be wood screws. Wood screws are designed to firmly grasp the wood, ensuring a strong and secure connection. However, choosing the right dimension for your screws is crucial to maintaining the structural integrity and longevity of your furniture.

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Threaded Bolts and Inserts: Another option for the table legs and tabletop attachment is to use threaded bolts and inserts, also known as metal fasteners with internal and external threads. The threaded inserts are used as bolt fasteners by inserting them into the tabletop's pre-drilled holes. The threaded bolts and inserts create strong and reliable connections. They are commonly used in materials that are too delicate, fragile, or thin to thread directly.

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Machine Screws: When fastening metal to wooden surfaces, machine screws designed for table legs are perfect, and they can give your tables and legs a sturdy connection. It is available with flat, pan, and round heads, among other head shapes. But just like any other connection, knowing the right size matters.

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In selecting the right screws for table legs, it is important to get the proper dimension of screws for table legs. The screw's diameter or size should match the type of material being secured to the table leg as well as the thickness of the leg. Additionally, ensure that the screw stays in the tabletop long enough to give a more secure hold and does not come out the other side.

However, in some cases, when your furniture may have non-standard fittings, you may also consider using mounting plates for table legs. These mounting plates are perfect for attaching legs to your table. They are also ideal for a range of wooden legs. Given their compact size and low profile, mounting plates for table legs can ensure they remain tucked out of sight on the furniture installed, giving it an overall clean and sophisticated look. 

Whether you're starting a new project or upgrading outdated hardware, knowing the proper connections for table legs proves helpful. When you use the right screws for your table legs, they will be strong, solid, and prepared to hold whatever you put on top of them.