Posted by Urban Hardware on 6th Jul 2024

​Understanding Bolt Sizes for Sofa or Lounge

It can be hard to determine which bolt size your sofa or lounge uses if you want to change or replace your sofa legs. This guide will look at the common sizes and provide some tips to identi …

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Posted by Urban Hardware on 28th Jun 2024

​Space-saving Hack: Folding Desk

Space is one of the first problems we will encounter when moving into a new home.As our family gets bigger, the needs and requirements are also getting bigger, which means we need more space to fit ev …

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Posted by Urban Hardware on 21st Jun 2024

A Guide to Changing Sofa Legs on Your IKEA Sofa

Are you a fan of IKEA? I am, too. They have excellent furniture designs—modern, classy, minimalist, and many options that fit your space. They offer the perfect blend of comfort, style, and affordabil …

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Posted by Urban Hardware on 12th Jun 2024

Furniture Guide: ​Choosing the Right Table Leg

I know you came across this page because you are in search of some table legs for your furniture upgrade, so let me help you with that. Given so many options today, both online and in-store, choosing …

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Posted by Urban Hardware on 4th Jun 2024

Selecting The Right Screws for Table Legs

With so many fasteners available on the market for your furniture, it can be difficult to select the proper screws for table legs. In this guide, we will break down the various table leg screws t …

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