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How to replace the legs on you IKEA sofa

Posted by Stewart Rimes on

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IKEA sofas do not really come with the best choice of legs.  Don't get me wrong I think that their sofas are great.  They offer the perfect blend of comfort, style and affordability.  But the with any great design or home decoration - the devil is in the details.

Their legs are rather bland is style and devoid of choice.  However using Urban Hardware's range of sofa legs you can quickly, easily and cheaply change the whole look of you IKEA sofa.  No longer do you need to compromise on the colour or finish of the legs.  No you can ensure that the legs of you IKEA sofa match the rest of the decor in your home.

First the nuts and bolts of the matter.  Just about all the sofa legs on an IKEA sofa use an 8mm hanger bolt to attach the legs.  Fortunately this is almost identical to the 5/16" imperial hanger bolt that come as standard with Urban Hardware's sofa legs.

All you need to do to swap the legs over is make some room to gently roll the sofa onto its back so that you can access the legs.  The old IKEA legs will simply unscrew and you can screw your new legs until they are just firm.  Roll the sofa back onto its feet and you will have completely changed to look of the sofa to match your chosen decor and color scheme.

Urban Hardware has a large range of timberaluminiumchrome and stainless steel legs that are perfect for this.  If you want something a little bit different just let us know and we will see if we can make it for you.